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Evento all'aperto silent yoga

The uses of SILENT EVENT wireless headphones are really many, even in the professional field. In fact, more and more customers choose the option of our Silent Headphones to manage and deal with critical situations such as contemporaneityof events in the same structure, which years ago would have been simply an illusion. Today the Silent Event wireless headphones , through the ingenious three-frequency wireless transmission system, offers you the possibility of transmitting an audio signal (microphone or audio track) directly into your headphones, even at considerable distances that touch 500 meters in the open field. .  

So you can hypothesize a YOGA event in a park or a Fitness section on the beach for example, without worrying about the power supply.

For this type of event, in addition to the headphones you need for each single event, we will also provide you with PORTABLE SILENT EVENT signal transmitters. They are powered by a rechargeable lithium battery, therefore with a more than satisfactory duration of 8 hours of continuous operation.



This type of transmitter offers the possibility of avoiding an audio mixer because it has on the side panel, in addition to the operation LED, the volume adjustment and  the on / off button, too  the double input for the audio source (eg telephone) and the microphone that we offer (clip flea).

What more do you want?

trasmettitore silent portatile
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