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Wedding Day

The uses of SILENT EVENT wireless headphones are really many, even in the professional field. In fact, more and more customers choose the option of our Silent Headphones to manage and deal with critical situations such as contemporaneity ​ of events  in the same structure, which years ago would have been simply an illusion. Today the Silent Event wireless headphones , through the ingenious system  wireless transmission with three frequencies, it offers you the possibility of transmitting an audio signal (microphone or audio track) directly into your headphones, even at considerable distances of almost 500 meters in an open field.  





So you can assume a wedding party, where the Castle hosting your wedding ceremony has guests in the room and absolutely wants to avoid loud music at a certain time.  

No problem ... we assemble our transmission system, connecting it to the band that is playing. Obviously we take care of everything for the connection, synchronizing the mixer of the band to our Silent Event broadcast system. In a few minutes you will have all the music in your headphones so that you can, eventually, make the sunrise.

In addition, you can also hypothesize two other music channels, always in the headphones, with two playlists previously selected and chosen by you, to fully enjoy the performance of the exclusive SILENT EVENT system.

noleggio cuffie per eventi wedding
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