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Congresses and Workshops

Wireless Headphone Rental

The uses of SILENT EVENT wireless headphones are really many, even in the professional field. In fact, more and more customers choose the option of our Silent Headphones to manage and deal with critical situations such as contemporaneity ​ of events  in the same structure, which years ago would have been simply an illusion. Today the Silent Event wireless headphones , through the ingenious system  wireless transmission with three frequencies, it offers you the possibility of transmitting an audio signal (microphone or audio track) directly into your headphones, even at considerable distances of almost 500 meters in an open field.  

So you can hypothesize a conference in the main hall with 200 or more guests and in an adjoining room a mini workshop , with an unlimited number of guests, who listen to a second speaker without either of them hindering the other.

Two, three or four events practically simultaneously in the same structure (hotel, etc) with different speakers and different users to the advantage of the organizers who can in this way offer a multimedia solution of great impact and at the same time save on the rental costs of the accommodation.
















In addition, the SILENT EVENT wireless headphones offer you the possibility to manage the simultaneous translation system, the one that in the past was done with the translation booths, with very high, almost unrealistic costs. In this case, the headphones will be worn only by your foreign guests who in this way will be able to follow your congress work at the same time with the translation directly on the headphones.

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