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affitto cuffie silent per eventi dance

 Dance  Party

In Silent Event, we excel at more than just producing "Silent Disco" and "Silent Event Party". We use our wireless multi-listener system technology to transform  Exciting and innovative events, for all our super creative clients.

We thus share open spaces and premises thanks to our technology   multi-channel wireless. In this way you will no longer have problems of gathering, of nocturnal noises and more generally of public order.

We will provide you, for your DANCE PARTY, with an "All Inclusive" rental system which includes round-trip transport, distribution and collection of Silent Event Headphones and continuous assistance during the Dance Party.

Do you have a new creative idea to propose to us? We are ready to listen to you

ragazzo in evento silent disco party
ragazzi in evento silent party

Wireless party fun!

    • Headphones with wireless stereo (latest generation wireless technology)

    • LED lighting shows the selected channel (Three colors - Three music genres)

    • High quality audio and comfort

  • Battery life is approximately 8  hours

Our Silent Event headphones receive a clear audio signal from any transmitter within a range of approximately 300m in open field.  UHF technology ensures clear and noise-free transmission. On the headset you can directly select with a click which of the 3 possible transmission channels to receive.  Headphone illumination indicates the currently selected channel (red, green or blue).

High quality audio functions
40mm Mylar speakers deliver professional listening pleasure from 30 to 20,000Hz with rich bass , crisp highs and excellent speech intelligibility.
  The direct volume control on the right earbud sets the desired volume.

They are headphones suitable for different types of events: Party - Conference - Workshop - Meeting

Much  comfortable  from  wear come with  of adjustable headband and soft ear cushions.  Silent Event headphones offer high comfort for hours, at least 8 continuous.  The powerful built-in lithium polymer battery guarantees long use. 

evento dance silent party

Three-channel headphones

Our headphones play on three different channels that can be set separately,  with three different colors, one for each frequency.


Deep Sound

High performance and deep bass for an acoustic experience of the highest level. Volume adjustable directly in the headphones

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It is our exclusive and inimitable service. We guarantee the perfect success of the event with complete operator services.


Courteous staff. Fun

insured and 360-degree music. Definitely an experience to be redone 🎧


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